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Exciting News for Ghaziabad: International Cricket Stadium in Ghaziabad on the Way!

Exciting News for Ghaziabad: International Cricket Stadium in Ghaziabad on the Way!

Exciting News for Ghaziabad: International Cricket Stadium on the Way!

Great news for everyone in Delhi NCR region, especially Ghaziabad! The city might finally be getting its own International Cricket Stadium. The only thing left is to sort out the last few details in building the stadium. The Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) has agreed to take care of the cost of moving the power line from where the stadium will be built.

What Does This Mean for the Location?

Having an International Stadium is a big deal. It makes the location even more special. When a piece of land becomes famous for something as big as an international-level project, it has a positive impact on the whole area. It’s good for the people living there and also for people who want to invest in property.

About the Location:

The stadium will be in Raj Nagar Extension, which is a great area to live in. It’s easy to get to National Highways 24 and 58 from there. This shortcut is 8 kilometers long and helps people avoid the busy Jalan Meerut. There are lots of important places nearby, like hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, and police stations. City Forest, a popular place for fun, is also close, along with the upcoming International Cricket Stadium and the RDC shopping complex. People can easily travel to cool places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie, and Dehradun through National Highway 58 from Raj Nagar Extension. The Raj Nagar Extension Gate is being improved to be a 6-lane road, which will make things even better. A subway station will also be built, and the area’s infrastructure is getting better, which is making property prices go up.

The new international cricket stadium should be ready in about 2 years.

The government of Uttar Pradesh had promised the Ghaziabad International Cricket Stadium back in 2015. But work didn’t start, and former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina even asked on Twitter when the work would begin. The good news is that Raina is confident the work will start soon.

This development is making Raj Nagar Extension a hotspot for professionals and investors. The best malls in Ghaziabad, like KW Shristi and KW Delhi 6, are close to the International Cricket Stadium. Let’s not forget about KW Group, a trustworthy name in real estate in Raj Nagar Ext. Ghaziabad.

So, get ready, Ghaziabad! In a couple of years, we might have our very own International Cricket Stadium to cheer for.

Reference News: Times Now News Article

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