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Vastu for Factory – Factory Building Plans That Follow Vastu Principles

Vastu for Factory – Factory Building Plans That Follow Vastu Principles

Have you ever wondered why large factories with substantial investments fail? Creating a factory or manufacturing plant from start is a time- and cost-intensive endeavour. Every industrialist desires for his factory to operate seamlessly. Vastu for the plant and machinery, as well as skilled labour, are significant considerations despite the expense. If a factory or other industrial building is constructed contrary to the principles of Vastu, problems are likely to develop. According to Vastu Shastra, factories can generate enormous earnings and prevent losses and accidents. It is recommended to prevent your factory from any significant Vastu defects when constructing the structure; otherwise, it could become an issue. Let’s now discuss how to apply Vastu to manufacturing design.

Vastu Shastra’s Emphasis on Factory Facings

Vastu for factory sheds is a necessary if you want to maximise output with minimum input. To get the most out of it, though, your factory’s processes need to be perfectly in step with one another. Products and methods vary across sectors. Vastu standards for companies can vary depending on the type of manufacturing done there. Therefore, depending on the type of factory you run, you need adhere to different Vastu rules for factory design.

The starting stage and the last step of the production process are both crucial. However, some processes may be more vital than others in a number of business spheres. Therefore, Vastu for factory is crucial in constructing the shed to suit the requirements of each and every business. For best efficiency in a steel and iron manufacturing facility, for instance, the zone of fire, located in the southeast corner of the shed, should be optimally planned out according to the factory’s Vastu.

Where Should a Factory Be Located, According to Vastu?

Let us direct you toward the optimal directions and placements for the various rooms and features within a factory, as dictated by the principles of Vastu for factory building.

The Importance of Vastu in Building a Factory Shed, Steep, and Compound Wall

In order for rainfall to drain properly, the Vastu for factory shed should be sloped toward the north or east. The shed will not get hot from the sun since the slope is slanted to the north, which allows for the least amount of solar radiation to enter the building. The property continues to thrive thanks to the earth’s magnetic field, which flows from the southwest to the northeast.

According to Vastu, a slope that faces northeast is a good omen. Alluding to the same concept of Earth’s magnetic field, this one is also applicable. A factory is protected from the scorching midday sun by high compound walls that face southwest. However, the warm, mild sun rays that enter a factory through a compound wall on the northern side of a property are regarded as particularly advantageous for any new venture.

Main Door / Factory Vaastu

When considering the Vastu of a factory’s front door, the direction of the main entrance is second only to the location of the main gate itself. In terms of the overall Vastu of the factory, this location is significant. It’s important to have a sizable main entrance facing east, north, or northeast for maximum factory earnings.

In order to facilitate the rapid flow of opportunities and profits, it is recommended that, if the factory is somewhat large, two entrances be used in one of the directions stated above, with the main entrance being much larger and more prominent than the other entry. Also, have everyone, including employees and customers, utilise the main entrance.

Manufacturing Facility Office Vastu

On-site administrative offices allow factories to handle paperwork, keep tabs on production, and negotiate with outside parties. It’s the central nervous system of the manufacturing facility. Positioning an office in the west or south-west of a manufacturing facility is recommended by the principles of Vastu. Benefit more from working while facing north or east by positioning the owner’s or top manager’s desk accordingly.

Factory Temple Vastu

Each factory needs its own shrine. It is recommended that you pray to God before you begin your daily activities. Put it there or a modest temple might go in that same northeast corner of the facility. Maintain a clean and uncluttered sanctuary. Keep a lamp there to attract good vibes, and make it a habit to light the lamp before beginning your workday. If you follow the Vastu for industry and put the temple in that direction, you’ll get Lord Shiva’s blessings in spades.

Vastu Guidelines for a Manufacturing Facility’s Restroom and Sewage Treatment System

There might be one bathroom or several, depending on the layout of the workplace and the number of workers. Industrial According to vaastu, factories should place their restrooms in the southeast or northeast. The best spot for a septic tank is between the north and northwest corners of your property.

Vastu for Industrial Equipment Layout

The manufacturing facilities use two distinct kinds of machinery aside from the heating apparatus. Regardless of the type of machinery, the Vastu consultants recommend placing it on the southeast or south side of the factory’s compound. The south, west, or southwest would be the most precise directions for a large piece of equipment. However, smaller, less powerful devices should be stored in the northeast and northeastern corners of the building. But remember these Vastu factory guidelines, and bear in mind that any machinery placement in the northeast, north-west, or south-east corners should be rigorously avoided, as doing so will inhibit your company’s growth.

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The success of a factory or other type of industrial property can be significantly attributed to the application of vaastu. If you run a successful factory, you may be able to amass cash and achieve success, which will allow you to live the life of your desires. Due to poor industrial Vastu planning, several potentially lucrative business ideas have been rendered unsuccessful. If you want your factory to be profitable, you should implement the Vastu Shastra and take all of the appropriate safety measures. Before you begin designing the layout of your factory, you should make it a requirement to confer with a Vastu expert.

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