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Property in Ghaziabad of NCR will be expensive, know the rate of your area

Property in Ghaziabad of NCR will be expensive, know the rate of your area

Property in Ghaziabad of NCR will be expensive, know the rate of your area

Ghaziabad –  Buying and selling property in Ghaziabad will be expensive. The Ghaziabad administration has started preparations for this. The administration is preparing to increase the circle rate. For this, a survey will be done from next month and then the rates will be increased. There will be some areas where higher rates will increase.

ADM Finance Vivek Kumar Srivastava said that circle rates have not increased in the district since 2016. This month, after conducting a meeting with all SDMs, Registrar of Stamp Department, it will be planned and surveyed. Circle rate survey will be conducted from June 1, whatever shortcomings will be there, they will be rectified.

According to the administration, it is likely that the new rate will be implemented in August. The land rates on both sides of the Rapid Rail Corridor may increase the most. At the same time, the circle rate can be increased significantly in the areas adjacent to Delhi and on both sides of the NH.

Most Expensive Kaushambi

At present, the highest rate in the district is Kaushambi (up to Rs 99000 per square meter. Vaishali is second in residential areas (up to Rs 73000 per square meter). Rates have not increased in the last five years, during which 260491 properties were sold.

Out of these 203931 flats and 56560 plots have been sold.The stamp department has earned more than 6000 crores.


The district is divided into 8 circles

Ghaziabad is divided into eight circles.

Circle rates are fixed in three categories. The first is on the side of the nine-meter-wide road, the second along the nine meter to 18-meter-wide road and the third is on the side of the road more than 18 meter wide. The highest rate is for the property on the side of the road which is more than 18 meters wide.


Circle rates of ten major places in the city

Kaushambi 90000-99000

Vaishali 67500-74200

Indirapuram 66500-73100

Vasundhara 62000-68000

Kavinagar 46000-51000

Nasirpur 36000-38000

Crossing Republic 19000-23000

Rajnagar Extension 17000-21000

Khoda 22000

Dasna 12000

Note: Per Sq. Meter is Rs.

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